Friday, September 09, 2011

An Open Letter to Ann M. Martin

Dear Ann M. Martin,

I loved following funky Claudia's life, or checking in on Stacey, or seeing how Logan and Mary-Anne's relationship was faring. Although Kristy was my least favorite, being a bossy tomboy, she was the one I looked up to the most, because she was such a natural leader. The group that was the Baby-sitter's Club really changed my childhood.

I loved reading the Baby-sitter's Club books. I had tens upon tens of them.I think they were a big part of the reason why I read so much as a kid, and that certainly carried over to the rest of my life. They were my fictional role models. And with so many books in the series, the fun never really ended.

I wanted to be a babysitter because of the Babysitter's Club, but when I was fifteen I realized it definitely was not for me. Maybe I just wanted a club with my friends. So back in elementary school, I did just that. I had so many different clubs, and although I can't remember what we did or if they even lasted long, they were unique and diverse and modeled around the BSC. I wanted the fun lives that the girls in the books had, and they inspired me to have more fun with my own life. I even made a Kid Kit - just because!

Ann M. Martin, I even idolized your name. I loved that you kept the middle initial in it. I thought it made your name seem so much more dignified. I loved the characters you created: Dawn, Stacey, Kristy, Claudia, Mary-Anne, Logan and others. I treasured each and every one of their stories. I really loved them, and I loved your work.

And then, your collaborations with Paula Danziger! The two letter-writing books were two of my favorites that I repeatedly checked out of my elementary school library. They definitely sparked the letter-writer in me.

Thank you, Ann M. Martin for being the author that every kid needs in his or her childhood. Thank you for telling the stories that inspired me, and kept me reading. I know that getting kids to read isn't an easy task to do, and you did it well. Thank you for inspiring me to be a writer myself. Thank you for your beautiful stories.

Always a fan,
Jessi L. Haish


violet said...

ooh! I loved those books too :)

Twinnie said...

I absolutely loved these books :) I owned every single one (my grandma was always picking them up for me at garage sales) and I'm pretty sure I owned all the "Little Sister" ones, too. I obviously like the BBC ones better though lol. Great blog!

Molly said...

I read the letter writing books that she did with Paula Danzinger too! Ahhh <3 I thought I was the ONLY one!!! :D

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

This. Is. Awesome. It is so you, and it shows that you care who inspired you to be a writer, and that you give credit even when it was your decision to read!! This is fantastic, and I really enjoyed the post.

Ashton King said...

BSC were some of my favorites and I'm sure I still have some of the books floating around here somewhere.

I think my favorite of that series was when they went on their cross-country RV trip.

I hope my kids, if I have any, read books like these!

Aly Hamilton said...

An open letter to Jessi L. Haish;

Dear Jessi L. Haish,

you were thanking Ann M. Martin for the impact that she has had in our lives. But you deserve a thank you as well. Thank you for putting my appreciation and enjoyment of the BSC series into words.

I have never thought of putting the impact of BSC in words. And years after reading it I am glad to know other BSC fans still exist lol.

Thanks so much,

Aly H


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