Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reality Check: You're NOT too pretty to do math

A friend linked me to a great article recently, and it really got my wheels spinnin'. We've all heard about the controversy surrounding some popular graphic tees for young girls: slogans such as "I'm pretty to do my homework so my brother has to do it for me" make it seem like we're taking a few hundred steps back. Shirts such as "Skool Sucks" are being marketed toward girls as young as elementary school. Is this really the message we need to be sending, especially at such a young age? Because honestly I don't think that we're ready to deal with the repercussions that come from these "statement" shirts.

Let's be honest. You're never too pretty to do math, and if you let yourself think that you are, you're only going to be hit with the truthful realization the hard way. Good looks or just being a female will not get you out of everything. So don't set yourself up to be disappointed.

However, you could be spending your time making yourself be someone who you can fall back on. Who's going to take care of you besides yourself? You need to be able to rely on you, and you need to be all that you can be so that you can provide yourself with the life you want and need. I hate to break it to you honey, but your brother isn't always going to be around to solve those equations for you. You need to do this on your own.

People may say that I'm taking all of this too seriously, and maybe I am. However, I would much rather be thought of as independent than dependent, or confident rather than stuck-up. I realize that if I need something I need to work for it myself: not only because I can predict the outcome but because you get a feeling of self-worth. Being all that you can be provides the best feeling in the world. Nothing can top that.

I've always been a dork/nerd, and I've always chosen to pride myself on that. Yes, I obsess over silly things and I get crazy expressive when I care about something. That's called passion. And guess what I really care about? Myself. I want to be the best person I can be, and no one else can do that for me. So reality check: you're not too pretty to do your math homework. But you are smart enough to go out there and take the world by storm.



Erica said...

I heard about these shirts. Basing a life on being beautiful and having that as your only strength is a surefire disaster. Beauty fades and you end up being an old woman with lots of plastic surgery and sadness. Beauty, fashion and the like should only compliment what is really important...your mind and soul.

Drama Queen #1 said...

Love this post! It's so sad that these shirts are being put out there, because it seems like they want us to think that looks are better than brains, which is a total lie. It also seems sort of humiliating/degrading to wear something like that, as if we're too dumb to realize what we're wearing.


Yamilette27 said...

These shirts were a dumb idea. The messages are not even funny. I'm glad that JC Penney pulled them out of their catalog.


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