Friday, September 30, 2011

Zac Efron is back in town...and I have his autograph!

Remember this summer when I told you Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid were filming a movie in my town? After a break, they have returned! And while I have yet to see either of them, or really, anyone involved in the movie, my boyfriend has now seen Mr. Efron twice while at work. Zac actually recognized him on his second time coming in, and they made small talk. My boyfriend asked if he could have an autograph for me, and he said yes! So, for the first time in my life I have something autographed by a celebrity. I'm so happy, I don't even care if I see him at this point!

And yes, unfortunately he spelled my name wrong, but that's just fine with me. People have been spelling my name wrong my entire life, so who cares if Zac Efron does it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I eventually run into Zac, so we'll see how it goes!

Have you ever met a celebrity, and do you have any celebrity autographs?


Erica said...

OMG, that's exciting!!! He's a cutie!!! Have this framed! He wrote "All my Love!!" How cute of your boyfriend to get this for you! Major cool points!!

I was soooo excited to meet Tito Puente once! He was amazing. I've also met Stacey London, Kathy Griffin who hugged me!(a doll, so sweet and down to earth). Besides that I have seen from afar Macaulay Culkin and Lyle Lovett. Ed Koch (not really a celeb but close) came out of his limo right next to me and hubby and he said hi to us after I yelled, HI MAYOR! Oh yes, I'm such a celeb stalker

Missed Periods said...

Not bad for your first autograph. He's a cutie!

violet said...

ooh!!! That's so awesome! LOL!

And to reply to your question, no, I've never met a celebrity before. I do, however, have a signed copy of Simple Plan's latest CD, 'Get Your Heart On'. So precious to me :)

jillian m. said...

That's pretty damn awesome. Too bad you didn't get to see him in person. He's such a good-looking guy!


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