Sunday, October 16, 2011

In which Carly Simon tries to figure out my love life.

Even Carly Simon couldn't help me. She has "You're So Vain" in which she puts the no-good player in his place. "You had me several years ago, When I was still quite naive. Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair And that you would never leave. But you gave away the things you loved, And one of them was me," she sings. But then while I'm feeling good the song ends and my iPod plays her next song, "Jesse." In the beginning she swears she won't give in and she won't take him back. "Jesse, quick come here, I won't tell a soul Not even myself. Jesse, that you've come back to me My friends will all say "She's gone again. 'But how can anyone know what you are to me, That I'm in heaven again because you've come back to me." But by the end of the song, she's taking him back in secret then comforting her friends because they think she made a terrible decision by getting back with the no-good guy. So what am I supposed to do?

Yes, I want to take him back. I want all the old moments we had - - good and bad. As much as I want it, I know it's wrong. And as many times as I want to be with him, I want nothing to do with him. So which Carly do I go out like? I realize there's no "one size fits all" solution, but the songs make it seem so simple. I can walk away with my head held high and my heart aching, or I can take him back with a smile on my face, but my gut unsure.

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PeeVee said...

One question that you should ask yourself: Will it be worth it?

Kalei's Best Friend said...

PeeVee is right... I went thru the same thing... you have to ask, are u willing to take the chance that whatever broke u guys up may happen again? Is it worth the stress?co

Erica said...

I think you know the answer already when you said you know it's wrong. But you still have feelings for him, that's hard. They don't just fly away.

I have sooo been there!! People used to ask me how I felt about my boyfriend and I used to say I love him AND hate him. It took one bad time too many for me to say goodbye. Maybe that hasn't happened for you yet. Or maybe things can work out, but I'll tell you love shouldn't hurt to the point that you compromise your sanity for it.

Missed Periods said...

My advice would be that if you do go back make sure that both of you are committed to fixing the things that didn't go right the first time. Things don't automatically change for the better; work needs to be done.

Grace said...

I had the same problem once. I took the guy back and we broke up again. And even though it was hard to break up for that last time, I was glad. Because I knew for sure that there was nothing left for me there. I knew for sure that it would be the last time. There was no more confusion. It was so... freeing.


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