Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What is it about Ryan Gosling?

Tonight, I texted one of my best friends: "want to see the new Ryan Gosling movie tonight?" And she instantly said yes. Although we were going to see Ides of March, which we knew nothing about, we both desperately wanted to see it for one thing: Ryan Gosling. 

Ryan Gosling has something. There's something about him, and it's working. He seems to have that "it" factor and because of it, he's going to last.

And it's strange. I've adored Ryan Gosling since I first saw him in The Notebook, much like thousands of other females. Maybe we all fell in love with him because of his character in that movie. We built him up to be this sweetheart in our minds, and so it stuck with him. But with recent movies such as Drive and Ides of March, he isn't exactly that person all of the time. And yet we're still seeing his movies in droves.

My friend Hannah and I have complete opposites tastes when it comes to men. She likes the punky types, and I prefer goody-two shoes. She likes piercings, I like a nice haircut. While she melts over musicians with tattoos, I get giddy over guys that my parents would be proud of. Even though we are opposites in this area, we are equally as smitten with Ryan Gosling. He has something going on that no one can resist. Not even my fourteen-year-old sister. (Gosling is thirty.)

So what is it? His charm? That smile? The carefree attitude? The abs? The world may never know, but I think it's safe to say that we'll all keep loving him.

Are you gaga for Gosling?

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RAY J said...

Nah, his face looks too boyish for me - I like em older and more manly, lol...

Erica said...

I like boyish looking guys too and I love a haircut. And a shave! I was IN LOVE with Orlando Bloom until he went and dumped me for that supermodel! the nerve

Hannah said...

I'm obsessed with him<3

fashioneggpplant said...

not really my taste, i like my boys a little rough around the egdes :) he is cute though!

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ellie said...

Lars and the Real still my favorite of his...

He was amazing in DRIVE.

I hope to see Ides of March.

Carolynn Cecilia said...

le sigh... oh how i crush on you Gosling!

navy and orange said...

totally my crush too!

xoxo navy & orange


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