Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday: Billy Joel

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I remember the first time I listened to Billy Joel.

It was freshman year of high school, and my first "boyfriend" (remember him?) was just as obsessed with music as I was. But he was crazy about someone I hadn't listened to, someone by the name of Billy Joel.

For my birthday that year, my dad had bought me some vinyl records, and among them were Billy Joel's The Stranger and An Innocent Man, because I had mentioned that what's-his-face liked him. Little did my Dad know, dream boy and I had broken up just a few days before. So when I put the records on, I already hated the music.

I wouldn't try listen to him for three more years.

I'm not sure why I started listening to him again, but it was right around the time that I "re-discovered" Elton John. Basically, I couldn't have enough Elton John at this time, and I tried to listen to the Billy Joel albums on a whim. This is probably why I associate the two together so much. If I start listening to one now, you can bet I'll be listening to the other within an hour. But one day I tried out the albums. And hey, they weren't that bad.

Once I got over listening to the songs I already knew over and over ("Uptown Girl," "Only the Good Die Young") I actually branched out. I was going to the library to get all of his albums. Maybe I just needed to mature a little bit to be able to respect his music. Now I can say that "Vienna" is one of my most favorite songs, and Billy Joel is a staple on my iPod.

Who surprised you in the music world? And what's your favorite Billy Joel song? These are my favorites, according to the star ratings on my iPod:

Piano Man
Big Shot
Tell Her About It
Captain Jack
The Longest Time
Just the Way You Are
The Stranger
She's Always a Woman



Alexa said...

Okay I'll always love Piano and Man and Big Shot. Can't help it! :)

Rebecca said...

I love Only the Good Die Young, You Might Be Right, Piano Man, and so many more! Billy Joel is a fantastic musician. Solid choice!

Aly said...

He is definitely one of my favorite classic rock artists! And if I were to pick a favorite..."Just the way you are" It's so simple and what the definition of real love should be :)

Grace D. said...

Love you're blogs new look!

Ashton King said...

I love Piano Man! One of my favorite songs EVER.

Wendy said...

I had Glass Houses when it came out... That last comment just massively dated me. In all fairness I was about 10 years old (still dating myself).

Patricia Villamil said...

Billy Joel is one of myy favorite songwriters. I actually love an obscured song called goodnight saigon. I first listened to it in high school while learning about vietnam and it's amazing how music and lyrics can transform your world relative to what you are experiencing that moment.


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