Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dream Vacation: Nashville

Even though I consider myself to be a homebody, I love to travel. I think it comes from the few times I would ride along with my father in his big rig -- he's a truck driver. Although I'm directionally-challenged and don't get too many opportunities to travel, there's still hundreds of places I'd like to visit. One of my dream vacations? A place I've never been to but I hope I get the chance to someday soon. Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville looks so beautiful, and you know how much I love country music. With the Country Music Hall of Fame located here and the Grand Ole Opry, this could be quite the impressive trip. There are also plenty of historic locations in the area to please my history-nerd side.

I think the best way to take this trip would be to just jump in the car and go, with my iPod playlist of all country music to keep us entertained. Sing-alongs, anyone?
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Have you ever been to Nashville?


UjjwalRaaj said...

Nashville is a place I too hope to visit someday. Mostly for the music. Not to forget Gibson guitars..yeah.. haha :)

Stephanie said...

One time my parents drove me and my three siblings to Tennessee and back (from Washington state) just to visit Presidential homes and birthplaces.

I'm just now realizing that this is probably why I'm such a history nerd. Oh well!

P.S. Andrew Jackson is one of my favorites too!

Hannah said...

I'm from L.A. and just recently moved to Nashville for school and I LOVE it. Nashville is such an amazing city and there is always something to do. There are tons of great places to eat and hear great music at. There are also tons of Civil War sites. It's also so gorgeous, especially in the fall when all the leaves change colors.

You should really visit if you ever get a chance.

Maddie said...

I visited Nashville this past summer for the first time in my life for a quick daytrip to check a couple of places out. Loved the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! Very small, but very informative and filled with history. Climbed a couple of dozen steps in the pure heat to see the state capital building, to find out it was closed! Hoping to visit again next year, since we ran out of time to visit Andrew Jackson's home (a fave of mine too) and check out some Nashville music hangouts and try some southern BBQ.


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