Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Archie, my first ginger love.

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I really have a thing for ginger men. I've even blogged about my fascination, I love them so much. Something about their hair color, skin tone, maybe the fact that they are rare...I love them. And after some thinking I was able to trace back my ginger-loving roots...all the way to the first ginger I had a crush on.

Archie Andrews.

I started reading the Archie comic books in elementary school; every time my mother and I would go to the grocery store I would beg her to let me get one. Over the years I acquired quite a collection. The first time I ever used Ebay I purchased Archie toys. In high school art classes I recreated scenes from the comic books. I wanted to be like Betty when I grew up. And much like my idol Betty (and Veronica) I couldn't get enough of that ginger teenager. 

Archie Andrews is probably the most suave ginger there ever was (I mean, he did have two girlfriends!) He seemed to lead such a fun life, I know I wish that I had a friend like Jughead. The gang was so cool, and I'd like to thank Archie for being such a cute ginger. Thanks to him, I loved reading even more and the comics also captured my appreciation for art. What a cute little ginger he is.

I would definitely move to Riverdale and fight Betty and Veronica for him. Right now.

Did you read the Archie comic books? Do you love this ginger as much as I do?


M├Ągi said...

Oh gingers. I admit, gingers tend to be my favourites.

When I see them, I want to shout out, "Go reproduce! Don't you know you're going extinct!"

Yes. Definitely read and loved the Archie comic books as a kid.

Ashton King said...

I think it's awesome that you have an Archie collection. I loved all the Archie, Betty & Veronica, and even the Jughead comics. I almost bought one the other day at the grocery store!


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