Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Myth #6: What about the "one that got away?"

Every Tuesday I'm bringing you a dating or relationship-related myth,  story or article and I'll weigh in on the issue then turn the table to you guys. You can reply in the comments or on your own blog - but I want to hear your stories and what you think about the subject! Make sure you check back here on Tuesdays for more about love!

The other day I saw a guy that asked me out way in the beginning - before I even had my driver's license. I was 15, he was 16 and I didn't even know he existed. But he had his friend pass me a note with his phone number on it and after some deliberation, I made up a lie that I wasn't allowed to date and turned him down. It's not that I wasn't interested, it was that the idea of dating terrified me.

I saw him the other day, almost six years after he had stopped constantly pursuing me, and he was cute. Happy, too. He seemed like a genuinely good guy, and that's something that I am currently convinced does not exist. Does this classify him as "the one who got away?" I don't know. I think the idea of the one who got away is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, I said ridiculous, Katy Perry.

And here's a super crazy, ridiculous video about the one who got away. 

Why do we get upset over a person that things didn't work out with, even way after the fact? I believe that if for some reason they "got away" then they were supposed to. You let him go, he didn't get away, remember?! I know that I personally reflect on the past a lot, but I'm also realizing that wishful thinking is not the route to take. If you sit down and start naming off all the people you had missed connections with, people that you lost after one wrong turn, you're not going to be happy. It's toxic to fantasize about what could have been.

I say, let's stop focusing on what got away and think about what we have yet to find.

What do you think about the ones who got away?


Erica said...

You're right they got away for a reason. But it's easier to romanticize a memory then face the not so good times. BTW, doesn't Katy look awesome as an older woman? Very elegant

Puput said...

yeah don't let our past block us to reach our dream :)


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