Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Myth #7: No more nice guys!

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Every Tuesday I'm bringing you a dating or relationship-related myth,  story or article and I'll weigh in on the issue then turn the table to you guys. You can reply in the comments or on your own blog - but I want to hear your stories and what you think about the subject! Make sure you check back here on Tuesdays for more about love!

The rumor as old as time is that women don't want nice guys. Well, we say we do but we always go for the bad boys, then complain to the good guys in our life about the bad ones. Well, that's how it goes, doesn't it? 

We think we want the bad boys, and maybe for a while that's what we do want. We almost...look for them. We are walking into a catastrophe, but deep down inside, we know that we want and need a nice guy. But unfortunately we all go through the bad boy stage at some point. Don't worry, we will outgrow it someday.

So why aren't we wanting that nice guy, the one we always rely on? Because believe it or not, there are some qualities the nicest guy could pick up from the bad guys. Confidence, excitement, and just a tiny bit of drama are what's most intriguing about the bad boys. Not so much what they do, but who they are when it comes to their personality. Maybe you could learn something, boys?

But just because we aren't chasing the nice guy right now doesn't mean that we never will. There's a time and place for everything, and we all know that we do want a nice guy. I hate that there's a myth that women don't want the good ones. I mean, they are called the good ones for a reason, right? I think there should be more good guys in the world, but if there weren't any bad boys, then we wouldn't realize what's good for us once we find him.

What do you think about the rumor that women don't want the nice guys? Is being a nice guy really that bad? 


Erica said...

I'm all for a hybrid...nice guy who looks like and pretends to a bad boy (that bad boy swag!) Justin Beiber tries to do that but he fails, poor thing.

HiLLjO said...

Looking back after being with my husband for almost 5 years now total, I think I used to punish myself by being around guys who were bad and I knew would hurt me. I think I was addicted to the dramatic relationships with lots of rollercoastering action.
Once Hubs came around, he was a nice guy and I wasn't interested. He showed me how different he was and I fell in love despite myself. I'm so glad because now I just look at him sometimes and appreciate him with everything I have. It's so much better having a man who treats me nicely.
And has piercings. ;o)

BluBluBling said...

Why does it have to be black or white :) What about the greys !! Bad boy from the outside but nice guy from inside , thats the type :D.
Good guys are dull , clingy and boring and bad guys are well plain bad news , but the softies inside and hard outside are the one to look out for :) .

Anonymous said...

Personally prefer GOOD guys, which can be either. In personal experience, though, a lot of the men who consider themselves to be 'nice guys' and scream the loudest about how 'women just want jerks, maybe I should be one' aren't the good ones- they're already jerks; jerks who open doors, think you owe them for it, and are furious when you don't 'pay up.'

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I really like this, I think that once you find your "nice guy" then everything around you will not matter anymore. Sort of like there will be no more wanting the "bad boy" or not wanting to be with the good guy because they lack certain traits that the bad guy has. Great post!


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