Saturday, January 07, 2012

When's the last time you took your parents' advice?

Sometimes Mother and Father know best...even when you didn't ask for help.

I've been going back and forth on a decision that I've been attempting to make for the past few weeks. I'm nervous, I'm worried, I'm antsy, I'm insecure. Then one night, my parents let me know how they really feel, and it changed everything. 

But I didn't even talk to them about it. 

There I was at home, still struggling to make the same decision I've been fighting with for what feels like an eternity My parents walked up to me and apparently had a lot to say. They just laid it all on the line, telling me in a brutally honest way, how they felt about what I was deliberating with. I wish I could specifically remember the things that they said, but all I can remember is the way it made me feel. The way they made me feel.

Then I woke up. It was all a dream!

I felt like I had finally come to a conclusion, that I could resolve things in my life. I have no idea what they said to me, but it must have made sense, because I made my decision, and I don't regret it one bit. The way I woke up that morning: feeling motivated, determined, and just...sure. I knew that they had pointed me in the right direction, without doing anything at all but everything at the same time. A crazy dream that felt like it kicked me in the ass, a crazy dream one night changed everything.

So when's the last time you took your parents' advice?


Erica said...

Long story short my parents were very strict. I "rebelled" by going away to college so I basically have never really taken their advice about life decisions. I never had a mentor or someone to give me sound advice. Crazy but it's true. It's good that your parents helped you in your decision and I hope it made your decision easier! :)

M├Ągi said...

I'm really grateful for my parents and their advice. We're at the point, now, where they aren't as much "raising me" any more - but still trying to help me in ways that they can to help me step out into the world on the right foot.

Oooohhh.... I think you just inspired a blog post.

Anyways, I can't remember which specific last time. But I remember when I was going to Switzerland the second time, my mom wasn't game. "Margaret, it just doesn't seem right," she would say. I would ask why not and she said she didn't really know why I ought not go and she wasn't going to try and stop me. She just wanted me to know what she was feeling.

Turns out, she was very right. The job I was going to wasn't right. Well, it was lovely and perfect except for the fact that they wanted me to work illegally. Mom was right.

It all did work out in the end and it's really good that I went, but I still know that listening to Mom can be a good thing. When she gives advice, it isn't demanding and ordering, it's just like a friend saying, "Yo, I think you ought to do this...."

Ashton King said...

I ask my parents for advice all the time. Maybe it's the 'I'm grown up and now mature enough to ask for their advice' phase of my life, but if I have a problem at work, with my relationship or anything else in my life, I can always talk to my parents. I figure they've seen or experienced a lot of what I'm going through now and while they may not have advice on what to do, they could at least tell me what I shouldn't do.

Rebecca said...

I have this love hate relationship with my parents' advice. I always want their approval but I disagree with them so much. It's a catch 22 most of the time.

Shia said...

My mom is the best at giving advice...I listen to her a lot and I've learned a lot from her and now give out advice to all my friends. It's great when you can have open chats with your parents without judgment and criticism. I've always felt like what my mom and I have is special because a lot of people can't talk to their parents.

♥ Shia


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