Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Adam Lambert and Queen. . .?

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Rumors are buzzing...Adam Lambert to be the new singer for Queen? Wait, no he's not. Well, maybe for a show or one festival. Nope, nothing has been signed yet! This story has been from for sure to not at all.

But either way, can you truly put a new lead singer in front of a band like Queen...a band that had the perfect lead singer? Freddie Mercury is one of the most iconic and important vocalists the world has ever seen. The Queen songs were his songs. So can we even try to imagine someone doing those songs for him, with his band?

Well, there was that Paul Rodgers stint...yes, remember that? The guy known for both bands Bad Company and Free was Queen's lead singer for quite a while in the 2000s. While it was obviously enough of a success that they lasted a while together, it just didn't feel right. Rodgers' gruff voice just couldn't do those Freddie notes. But now Adam Lambert is in the picture, and if you know Lambert as a musician, you know he can do those notes.

Adam Lambert performed with Queen for the first time on American Idol (with the guy who beat him on the show, uhh, what's-his-name...) and although Lambert didn't win that night, he obviously performed much better. In the time that has passed since the show, Lambert's voice has just become better and better. Honestly, Lambert might have the chops to attempt to be Queen's new frontman. He will obviously never replace Freddie, but he could make quite the tribute.

Here's that video of him performing with Queen on Idol. (Try to ignore the guy who went on to win - he ruins the song.) 

Here are my pros and cons to Lambert taking on this honor (if he actually does.)

Lambert has a great voice. He can definitely hit the notes, and do them with style.

He has great on-stage presence. He's exciting, full of life, and entertaining, much like Mercury was.

He obviously clicks well with the band. Here's video of him performing with Queen at the EMA's.

While he has vocal chops, he's obviously nowhere near Freddie.

You can't replace Freddie Mercury. Even though we should trust Brian May's judgment, we all know that Freddie can't be replaced and that a lot of people will simply not like this arrangement.

He's young. Is he truly "qualified" enough to take on this role, when he truly doesn't have that much experience in the vocal world? He hasn't even made a big enough name for himself yet.

Either way that it goes, I think it will work out well for both parties. I think it would be an interesting journey to watch happen, while some of my friends think otherwise. 

"I like Lambert but Queen ended in 91," said one of my friends who is an enthusiastic Queen and Lambert fan.

I say go for it. What do they have to lose?

What do you think? Could Lambert be the next face and voice of Queen? Or do you think Queen should just drop it?


XeL said...

So I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Adam Lambert, and I am so excited you wrote about him. I stopped watching "American Idol" after his season because I think no one else can be as great as he is on that show!
That being said... I think he could be the lead singer for Queen, but I don't want him to be. He's just starting his solo career, and if you've seen the new music video for "Better than I Know Myself," you'll know that it's really taking off. He has so much to discover and develop as a solo artist before he starts worrying about joining up with a band like Queen.

Erica said...

I think he's a good fit for Queen and it's a good career move for him.r It's weird when bands get new lead singers. I almost want them to change their names slightly to reflect that!

Elle Sees said...

did you see that video of the dude who sounds JUST LIKE F Mercury? It's uncanny.

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I really think Adam Lambert can pull of being front man for Queen because of how his voice sounds so good hitting those notes and saying those lyrics. He does have an amazing voice and I do think that he would give Freddie a great tribute like you said. When he sang at the EMA's, "The song must go on," you can see, well hear how he really puts his all into singing. Queen would be a wonderful choice and opportunity for him. You can definitely see where there are area's of "weakness" when singing with Queen, like "We will rock you," he just doesn't sound completely enthused about it. I really liked his performance of "We are the champions" on American Idol and for the EMA's.


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