Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Flicks: a whale of a tale, telekinetic teens, and a girl with a gun.

This week I spent a lot of time at the movies. I saw three new flicks, two I loved and one I didn't really care for. Did you go to the movies this week?

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Yes, this looks like a cheesy kids movie at first glance. But with a cast that included Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski, I couldn't turn it down. Besides, Krasinski plays a journalist, and I'm a sucker for a movie that features someone is in my dream field. He's a reporter in Alaska who discovers three whales trapped under the ice. It becomes the story heard round the world as countless people get involved to save the whales. I love that this is based on a true story, so actual news footage is used from the 80s. It is a very moving story and I would definitely watch it again!

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I watched this movie with a dude, and that's what I expected it to be - -a dude movie. But after three teens get telekinetic powers, their triumphs and struggles play out so well that you can't help but be interested. The characters are sad, smart, funny...and believable. It's interesting to see how three teen boys handle such powerful stuff, and you really do care about them. The movie is a little Spider-Man, a little 80s high school flick, and all good.

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Katherine Heigl is gorgeous. That's why I watched this movie. I haven't read the book series, but I have only heard raving reviews about the books from friends and from anyone seeing this movie. While I wasn't crazy about the film, it did have some fun moments and I would give the first book a try.

I am dying to see The Vow and Safe House (hot guys!) this coming week. I also used up a gift card and bought two movies I've never seen before: Never Been Kissed and Anything Else.
What are you planning to see?


Twinnie said...

The Vow looks soooo good! Josh even said he'd see it with me :)

Elle Sees said...

when they did that groupon for One For the $, I knew to skip it

Dancing Branflake said...

I sooo want to see the Vow. Looks good!

Michelle * Viva Revival said...

We just saw Man on a Ledge. Not bad, definitely entertaining.

Ooooh I love Never Been Kissed! Hope you love it too!


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