Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: Best Original Score

Last night, the Oscars were on and although I didn't see much of them (but hooray for my favorite actress winning best actress!) I was pleasantly surprised with the results. One that made me very happy? The Artist (you know, the silent movie everyone has been raving about?) won for Best Original Score, and I couldn't be happier. Why?

You all know I love music. When I got home from seeing The Artist I instantly purchased the score. Now, purchasing new music as soon as I fall in love with it isn't out of the norm. However, this was the first score I had ever purchased or owned.


This music played so well over a silent movie that I was actually able to get into the silent movie. And although I've always considered myself to be more of a words girl than lyrics girl, this score just may have me looking for more scores to collect. THANK YOU, Ludovic Bource.

Have you seen The Artist and what do you think of the music? Did you watch the Oscars last night?

Here's a sample of what you're missing out on.

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Yamilette27 said...

I was a bit upset that Viola Davis didn't win best actress. But that went away once I heard Meryl Streep's acceptance speech. What class!

I haven't seen any of the movies that were nominated. Interested in watching "The Artist", but my boyfriend will have no part of it.


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