Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday: What are the "Lady Marmalade" ladies up to?

When this song was released in 2002, I was obsessed. I was constantly listening to it on the radio or watching the music video on television. I was crazy about Christina and Pink, and Lil' Kim and Mya were it at that time! Can't forget Missy Elliott's her!

Ten years later, things have really changed. While Christina is still involved in music (she's a judge on the music show The Voice) she has also dabbled in acting while singing in Burlesque. She's also featured in one of the catchiest songs on the radio right now: Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." Christina has definitely evolved over the last ten years; remember the Moulin Rouge phase she went through after this song was a hit?

Pink has started a family, and she continues to be cool. Pink's music career never really seemed to take a break, as it seems like she is always on the radio. She tweets regularly, but seems to have adapted well to the family life.

Apparently, Lil' Kim has been in a feud with Nicki Minaj, as Kim is a little worried about being replaced in the hip hop world by Nicki. Lil' Kim even made a song to put Nicki in her place. Say what you will about Lil' Kim now, but at the time of "Lady Marmalade," she was a hit. I guess we can let the world decide who the Queen of Hip Hop actually is.

As for Mya? If you Google "What happened to Mya?" you can find that tons of other people were asking the same question...six years ago. While there doesn't seem to be an official answer, men and drugs appear to be on the rumor list, but what do we know?

As Missy's Twitter bio states: "I have written or produced for All Ya Favorite Singers!" She's a talented lady, and she has definitely been keeping herself busy, even if she isn't always in the limelight these days.

Can you believe it has been ten years since "Lady Marmalade" was first released? Who was your favorite lady from this super collab?


RAY J said...

According to Wiki Mya's still around and recording =D

Pink was always my favorite of the bunch. Watching her Behind the Music special, it was interesting to hear about the rivalry she had with Xtina that started right around this time and only worsened when Xtina started collaborating with Pink's idol and former mentor Linda Perry!

Stephanie said...

I was OBSESSED with that song when it came out. What a great song and video!

Erica said...

It has to be Pink! I actually prefer her voice over Christina's. And although Minaj is talented, I think Lil Kim is the superior rapper! But all ladies (then and mow) are very talented. And Missy, I love her, I even bought one of her albums once.

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

You really need to watch this movie, it is awesome.


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