Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Myth #9: Every girl wants a bad boy (and a Dirty Dancing rant.)

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Last week I blogged about the myth that no girl wants a nice guy. (Yes, we do!) This week I'm here to prove my point some more because some guys still aren't getting it. This week's myth? Not EVERY girl wants a bad boy.

For some reason, there is a myth as old as time that women want bad boys. While we may want someone who is wrong for us at times, most of us don't actively pursue a dude that screams trouble. Sometimes we like to play it safe. We are smart cookies; we know that good is good for us sometimes, too. While it may seem that we all go through the bad boy phase at some point or another, it usually doesn't become a trend. And if it does become a trend, well, someone is simply trying to shake up her boring life. Just saying...

Dirty Dancing is my absolute favorite movie. Of all time. I swoon over Johnny Castle just as much as anyone who enjoyed it the first time around in the 80s, even though I wasn't even alive to experience that myself. I think that Swayze is a hunk and I love his tough exterior in that movie. He's a bad boy, and they play that role well through him. If I was at that camp that summer and a guy was looking that good, you know I'd carry a watermelon for him. But at the same time, I have to admit something that I've never admitted to anyone before.

What a charmer. Photo via
As much as I may be swooning over Johnny that summer, I know that I would end up with the dorky smart guy. That's right, that summer I'd be chasing Neil Kellerman, the grandson of the owner. Why? Because even though he was dorky, cocky and a little annoying, he is the kind of guy that some of us girls would like to end up with. I mean, I love Dirty Dancing more than anyone else, but you can't help but think at the end of the movie that Baby and Johnny didn't last more than a few weeks after that. They had nothing in common. She wanted to go and change the world...and he couldn't get over the fact that he had it tough. Well guess what? Neil would totally be a good sidekick while Baby changed the world. 

So even though we go through the phase of a bad guy, we want the nice one. We don't all want a bad boy, so nice guys, listen up! We realize bad boys are bad for us (I mean, we call them bad boys, don't we) and it may just take us a minute to realize what we really need (even though we probably knew it all along.) 
Not every girl wants a bad boy. Every time, Mr. Nice is Mr. Right.

Do you think girls look for bad boys?


Stephanie said...

I think everyone is different, but I know I fell in love with my husband when he was in his bad boy phase. : ) That phase didn't last very long though.

Hilary Nicole said...

I have a wonderful guy and he is not a bad boy.. bad boys can be intriguing since they are, most likely, not like ourselves.

XX Hilary

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I really like this post, it is very enthusiastic in the aspect that it is about your favorite movie yet you are saying that you would do it different in your life. I really like it. You did an awesome job putting yourself out there like that and it worked great. I think the other two followers like it also.

Sara Szatmary said...

I HAVE fallen for a bad boy, but all it took was that one experience to teach me that they're not worth the heart ache.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I've always felt that you need to experience at least one bad boy in your life to get it out of your system. But it's the nice guy that you end up marrying.

The Vox said...

I want a bad boy...for like 5 seconds. It'll spice up my life for a week or two. I always remind myself of that saying "You don't marry the bad boy" or something along those lines. With a bad boy, I think it's easier to justify what you don't want in a guy after you date him, I guess.


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