Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day: covered! Ideas for everyone, every situation

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Valentine's Day 2012 is here, and whether you love it or hate it, we have to deal with it. I've come up with ideas for everyone in every situation for this holiday. Read below!

This is your millionth V-Day together and it's becoming routine.
Try something different! Try and plan a day that you spend exactly ZERO dollars on. Read to each other, visit that free kids museum downtown, go for a walk in the park, go on a long drive with no destination in mind. Spontaneity is the key to keeping things fresh.

You're single.
Spend this day with your other single friends: bash the holiday or daydream together about next year. Go see a chick flick like The Vow or a movie with hot guys and NO romance like Safe House. Go to the mall, go out for drinks, have a sleepover. (You're never too old for an old school sleepover!) If you don't feel like going out, spend the night at home painting your nails and watching a movie like Dirty Dancing or The Breakfast Club.
          Literally just out of a relationship? Don't sweat it! Be happy knowing you won't be fretting over "just another day" and have some fun! Today could also be a good day to remind yourself why it didn't work out and get rid of his stuff.

You're working and you have to see all the happy couples.
If you're like me, you're going to be spending your holiday at work, watching all the other happy couples on a date. There are many different ways to deal with this. First of all, just think of the fact that you're getting paid and they're not. (And you're not spending all that cash!) If you're more of a romantic, try coming up with stories in your head about how they met, and daydream up some fun stories for yourself! If you're more of a cynic, mentally create the couples' downfall. (What? It helps!)

This is your first V-Day with that new someone.
If this is your first love day together, or you literally just started dating, there's a lot of pressure on both parties. But don't sweat it! There is no pressure of it being better than last time, so just have fun. Make it a memorable first by being creative. Make your own cards, make a mix CD, do something silly.

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You have more than one possible Valentine.
Oo, you go girl! You could always listen to that old 70s song by Mary McGregor, "Torn Between Two Lovers" and sing it out, or you could just choose. Better yet, leave them both wondering until February 15! Is having a Valentine really that important, anyway?

Your plans fall through at the last minute.
As said above, get creative! Just because it's Valentine's Day, doesn't mean you have to be fancy. Visit every fast food place around, getting fries from your favorite place, burgers from another, and shakes from the ice cream place. Pick up cheap, cheesy DVDs from the bargain bin and stock up on Dollar Store candy. Read Shakespeare sonnets out loud in silly voices or have a karaoke party. Buy some of those velvet posters and jumbo markers! Create each other a masterpiece. There are millions of choices, whether you're with someone on this day or not!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?


Ashton King said...

This will be our second V-day, but we're not doing anything. Wedding planning is draining our finances.

Rodney said...

For cases two (the one I'm in) and three, I have a new CD list. Check it out on my blog:

Shia said...

Great post!


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