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Friday Flicks: Can't Touch This (by Lilly!)

Jessi and I :)
Hey everyone! Little sister Lilly here. If you don't remember me, you can find me here, here, here, and here. Today I am guest blogging for Friday Flicks, in which I will tell you my opinion on movie remakes.

To start out, they should never be done... EVER.

I suppose they are not all bad. If the original came out at least 30 years ago and was absolutely fantastic, but everyone is forgetting about it. I see no harm in a re-make to bring back interest in the original if this is the case... as long as they do it justice. If the re-make is horrible, everyone who hasn't seen the original is not going to want to bother checking it out. I can see the death of me when 50 some years from now I am flipping channels on TV one Sunday afternoon, enjoying my retirement and suddenly a commercial for a "new" movie flashes across the screen. It's Harry Potter. They will try to remake the Harry Potter series. And I will have a heart-attack right there. And that will be the end of me. 
The Harry Potter series is perfect. Who on earth could possibly think they could do it any better?

Here is my list of movies that should never be re-made (or made 3-D) :

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1. The Notebook
The Notebook is my all-time favorite movie and if anyone ever tries to re-make it, I will be thoroughly insulted. Who could ever play Noah Calhoun better than Ryan Gosling!? So to all you directors out there who cannot come up with ideas of your own, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE.

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2. The Harry Potter Series
I am sure some people would want this series to eventually be re-made. 20 years from now, when there will be the craziest special effects ever. Everyone is going to want to see the golden snitch flying right at them through a pair of 3-D glasses. But please let it be. The casting is the finest for any movie I've ever seen, and nothing could ever compare to the fine works of Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cauron, Mike Newell, and David Yates.

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3. Halloween
I know this one is too late to be saved but the fact that it should never have been messed with still needs to be brought up. (It's Jessi's favorite horror movie, too!) I am fairly certain that I have never seen a movie as many times as I have seen this one. Nothing would be changed if I watched Halloween 100 more times. I'd still jump every time Michael Meyers rose up from the floor after been stabbed with a knitting needle, jabbed in the eye with a hanger, shot with a hand gun, and fell off of a balcony. My point is, it never gets old. So why was it remade?

Just remember directors, these movies are off limits. What movie do you think is fine the way it is?

This guest post was brought to you by Lilly Haish. Check out her blog here and her Tumblr here.

As for Jessi? 
I'll have some free time in the next week so I'm hoping to watch Moulin Rouge for the first time, and (hopefully!) The Lorax. I'm thinking some chick flicks are in order as well. What will you be seeing this weekend?

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