Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Flicks: a lady and a tramp down on Jump Street

How was your week? I squeezed in two movies this week: a classic and now a new favorite. Did you watch a movie this week? And will you be watching The Hunger Games today with the rest of the country?

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Forever ago I picked up the first season of the television show 21 Jump Street (starring Johnny Depp!) for a whopping five dollars. While I've only watched the first few episodes, I absolutely love it so far. So when I heard that two of my favorite guys (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) would be starring in the movie remake, I knew I would have to see it. And what can I say? It's exciting, it's cheesy, it's fun and it's a classic. If you know what's good for you, you'll see this movie. And now I have to credit Channing Tatum as the hot AND funny guy! Plus, all the references to the old television show as well as some surprises will definitely please anyone who's a stickler for the original. Go see this. Now.

Finally picked this one up on DVD (I don't want to watch it in thirty different formats - just sell me the DVD!) and I definitely have to say it was worth the wait. While I haven't seen it in years, it still choked me up. I had my thirteen-year-old sister watch it with me (her first time!) and she was "oooh-ing" and "awww-ing" as much as I was the first time I watched it, even though she's growing up in a world of 3D movies and fancy-schmancy graphics. This movie is simply a classic love story. And who doesn't love dogs? On a side note, did this movie seriously come out in 1955? Love it!

Speaking of classic animated films, I also watched The Lorax recently and thought it was absolutely perfect. Put it on the list of best films this year.

The Hunger Games (duh!) and maybe a chick flick I've never seen before. Suggestions? What will you be watching this weekend?


Stephanie said...

Erik and I totally want to see 21 Jump Street. It looks hilarious, and I'm a sucker for anything funny!

Rebecca said...

I saw the premiere of the Hunger Games last night. It was well worth only getting 3/1/2 hours of sleep!


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