Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Hunger Games rant with no point.


When I see the movie, I'll be that girl bouncing up and down in her seat, ranting about being on Team Peeta and staring with wide eyes at the screen, trying not to blink. I picked up the books a few months ago, and raced my way through them, unable to put them down. This seems to be the case for almost everyone. 

If you haven't read the books yet, I suggest reading Personally, I almost always have to read the book before I see the movie; I feel that my excitement for the movie just becomes that more genuine. And what a great series this is! Simple writing, but leaps and bounds better than any other books right now. And if it gets people reading, it has definitely done its job. With the movie coming out Friday, we just have that much more to look forward to!

What do I love about the books? I love the relationship between Prim and Katniss; it reminds me of my little sister and myself. I admire Katniss' determination and commitment. She is one kickass girl. I love the story of Panem, I love the fact that it doesn't involve vampires and I love how the writing keeps you hooked. I love that no matter who you are, no matter your age, you can't help but crave more of the games. I just can't wait to see the Hunger Games!

Have you read the books? Are you planning on seeing the movie?


Stephanie said...

I haven't read the books yet, but I keep being told that I HAVE TO. SO we'll see!

Ashton King said...

I need to pick up copies of the books sometime.

Since you seem to need something new to read, I have a suggestion. Host by Stephenie Meyer. It's nothing like Twilight. The characters are amazingly developed and by the end of the book I felt like I really knew them. It's one of my favorite books ever, and I've read A LOT of books spanning nearly every genre imaginable.

Michelle * Viva Revival said...

Haha I love that it doesn't have vampires either! I loved the first book, I'm reading the second one right now. I'm so excited for the movie!!

Yamilette27 said...

I JUST picked up the first book at the library yesterday. I'll see if I can have it read by Sunday. I know it will have been a good book if I finish it that quick. :-)

Erica said...

I keep seeing promos for the movie! I usually read the books first if I hear of them and then bemoan the movie for not being exactly like the book! Memoirs of a Geisha, Snow Falling on Cedars, what else? Zorba the Greek and of course Hamlet. All were read before the movie was seen. This new movie looks good though.


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