Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love and Hunger Games: Peeta or Gale?

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On Friday I watched The Hunger Games with countless other people across the country, and while I was watching I couldn't help but notice that the audience was much like the Twilight audience...when Peeta or Gale would be on-screen you could hear whispers, gasps, or giggles. Now, I have to admit that when I was reading the books I felt like I had to choose my favorite as well, and who didn't?

Unlike most of my male friends, I am most definitely Team Peeta, and I think that the movie only solidified that even more. Who doesn't love a sweet, supportive, generous guy? I think that Peeta definitely fits the bill. He's the good guy we all truly want while Gale is the other guy we just desire.

So I want to ask the all-important question...are you Team Peeta or Team Gale? Why?


HiLLjO said...

Which one is blonde?

That one! Team "That one!"

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

HiLLjO, the blonde is Peeta, so Team Peeta ha.

I would still have to say that I am Team Gale, simply because there is a bond between Gale and Katniss that Peeta doesn't know how to share with her. Sure they were in the games together and would have killed themselves to avoid living up to what the capitol expected, and later on have to fight to stay alive by being together, but I feel like she went to the games and in the end completely forgot about Gale and the relationship that she shared with him. I mean, come on, before she was going to go to the games and Gale came into the room for the "3 minute goodbye" he was in the process of saying "I love you" when the peace keeper came in to pull him away from her.
In saying that, I do think that her and Peeta work very well together and share a bond that only they feel. I don't think that she should have ended up with Gale or Peeta in the end because it leaves the reader with no chance to imagine the possibilities of what happened after the rebellion. I definitely think that it should have ended with her thinking about how she wanted to be with both and left the reader thinking "Who did she pick and how are they doing now that the games are over..."

That is just my opinion though.

Great post, and thank you for your side of the "Team Peeta or Team Gale" argument going on. I really think that you hit the nail on the head with this post and did a very good job when doing so.

I love it!

Jewel said...

Team Peeta!!!

claire said...

Peeta is just so adorable..:)

Team Peeta! :)


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