Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Blondes who did it before (and better than!) Taylor Swift Part 1

Don't get me wrong, I love me some TSwift. However, I have to shake my head and sigh a little when I hear someone proclaim how "country" she is. She's cute, she has country roots, and it's cool that she writes her own songs. But come on, can't we stop giving her awards by now? She shouldn't be going to country award shows and leaving with her arms full. Why? Because so many people do it better...and more country. Here's the blondes that did it better than and before Ms. Swift...I think that she owes these ladies a lot. And maybe she could learn a little thing about being on the country side... (Same goes for you Carrie Underwood and Julianne Hough, but that's a different story for a different day.) 

Maybe instead of moping over guys through song, Taylor Swift can take a clue from a number of Miranda Lambert's songs, including "White Liar." I'd like to see Swift tackle revenge instead of heartache...

Trisha Yearwood tells a story of young love like other great country songs of the past. I think Taylor could learn some storytelling tips from this classic song, "She's in Love with the Boy."  
Deana Carter's "Did I Shave My Legs for This?" is the kind of song Taylor should tackle if she stays in the limelight long enough to be able to sing a song about a husband and kids.
Dixie Chicks NAIL a revenge song and video with "Goodbye Earl." I think I see a pattern here. Country girls are tough, Taylor! I think you need some thicker skin and harder lyrics. Give it a shot and maybe someday you'll be among these fine country ladies.

Make sure you check back tomorrow for part 2!


amy b.s. said...

i totally agree. i mean, miranda lambert just kicks ass.

Stephanie said...

I'm not much of a country fan, but I have to agree. Although my 3-year-old is the BIGGEST Taylor Swift fan. She's loves her!

Maddie Shae said...

I adore Taylor Swift,but I agree,she is POP or maybe POP/COUNTRY but NOT country!! Regardless,she is incredibly talented & I think she goes to country award shows because she has country roots in her instrumental music & is inspired by country singer. However,I definitely think of Carrie Underwood as country! Great post,though,and fantastic blog!!

I don't believe you remember me but I read your blog long ago & left blogger,but I cam back and followed you!! GREAT BLOG!!!! :)

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

My favorite part of this post is the Dixie Chicks, partially because of the song, "Goodbye Earl," and partially because of the fact that you tell Taylor to grow a pair, ha. I like it!


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