Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Flicks: THE AVENGERS Nerd Rant

I only watched one movie this week and it was the only movie that I needed to see. To say that this is now one of my favorite movies wouldn't even do my excitement and passion justice. I sat in my seat, squirming, bouncing up and down, and beaming with joy as I endured one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my life. Yesterday, I watched THE AVENGERS.

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My little sister will be the first to tell you that I'm kind of a nerdy girl. The most recent time she proclaimed it, she walked into my bedroom, eyed my shelf and started naming off the items that were on it. "Green Lantern, Spider-Man, the Mach 5 from Speed are such a nerd, Jessi." As she rolled her eyes, I just beamed with pride. I love superheroes. While I've always had a huge geek crush on Spider-Man, over the past few years my fascination with all of the other superheroes has only exploded. I can't have enough of Iron Man, Thor and Green Lantern, just to name a few. I sleep on Spider-Man sheets and fall asleep staring at a Spider-Man movie poster. And although my main man wasn't a part of The Avengers movie, it was still absolute perfection. Well, obviously. I can't stop gushing about it to whoever is within earshot.

You jelly?
I love all of the superheroes involved in this movie. Although I was never a fan of the Hulk, this movie and Mark Ruffalo completely changed my mind. The chemistry between Black Widow and Hawkeye wooed me. RD Jr. as Iron Man knocked my socks off for the third time. And who doesn't love the hotties Cap America and Thor? And Loki, even though he may be bad, is one awesome badass. I literally love every character in this movie. And as someone who needs to care about characters to care about the story, I was set. As the movie neared the end, I craved more story, more character, more everything and anything that I could wrap my gushing heart around.

This movie is hilarious. While I love the characters they play, the actors themselves are brilliant together. They all just seem to glow, and I laughed til I cried. I genuinely adore these characters and they just happened to have damn funny things to say.

After all, who doesn't love a superhero? Anyone who doesn't have even a slight interest in superheroes is a liar. They are some of the most fascinating "people" that we "know." We all admire something in them and they are all human enough that we can somehow relate to each one of them. Whether we're cocky, dorky, brainy, or strong, we can relate to superheroes, we respect them, and therefore, we will always love them. So thank you Avengers, for keeping the nerdy girl alive and well within me.


Rodney said...

Hi Jessi,
As a fellow nerd, I must say I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the Avengers. I saw it this past Wed, and it was amazing! I even wrote a review of it on my blog!

You'll also be happy to know that given the resounding success that the Avengers is, there's already plans for a sequel. Not to mention that all the individual franchises are also going to be continuing! So, you're going to have TONS of comic movies to watch in the coming years!!

Check out my rant on the Avengers and let me know what you think!

$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

You were right, I do love the drawing of The Hulk, and I also like your nerdness with the Captain America mask on. Awesome!

Ashton King said...

We saw it last night and it replaced my favorite super hero movie. We just may go to the drive in to see it again ;)


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