Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Summer...So put on The Beach Boys already!

Hope you've been enjoying the summer-y playlists this week! If you've been enjoying the warm weather and you haven't listened to these guys, then it hasn't truly been summer yet. After all, what kind of summer would it be without The Beach Boys? These are some of the best fun-in-the-sun tunes from The Beach Boys...let's hit the surf!
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Surfin' USA
Barbara Ann
Surfin' Safari
Rock & Roll Music
California Girls
Come Go With Me
Little Surfer Girl
Do You Wanna Dance
Little Deuce Coupe
Fun Fun Fun
Good Vibrations
I Get Around
Help Me Rhonda
Don't Worry Baby
I Can Hear Music

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Today it's cold and rainy here, I'm in boots and a coat, and I'm making soup for dinner. I could really use some nice, warm sun and a few of these songs! : )


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