Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday: Bringing back our favorite musicians

Freddie would be king again
The music world has lost a lot of music greats this year (Adam, Whitney, Donna and Etta to name a few, and Robin Gibb just yesterday) and one has also been brought back. Tupac was brought back as a hologram this year and actually performed on stage. With this technology in the works, Tupac could eventually go back on tour even though he has been gone for years. While the idea sort of frightened me at first, and I'm not a Tupac fan, as I started to think about some of my favorite musicians the idea sort of grew on me. Imagine if we could experience our favorite musicians live...even if we have never had the chance before.

Freddie Mercury
Queen is without a doubt one of the greatest bands we have ever known. To see Freddie back with Queen, singing his soul out to a packed stadium would give me chills.

Janis Joplin
Joplin's unique sound has had a hold on me since I was a child. She is one of the most unique vocalists the world has ever known, and to see a hologram of her in her heyday would be wonderful.

Jim Morrison
I love The Doors and Morrison's unique, haunted sound. Oh, to see Jim do his thing!

Jimi Hendrix
One of the greatest guitar players of all time. Imagine seeing him light his guitar on fire right before your eyes!

Kurt Cobain
Nirvana has been in my top three favorite bands for years, so it's without a doubt that Kurt would make my list.

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes
I was a big fan of TLC and Left Eye was undoubtedly my favorite. Apparently her hologram (and a TLC reunion tour) is already in the works.

John Lennon
While I'm not too crazy about the Beatles, I love Mr. Lennon. I would love to see him on stage, only if Yoko promises to stay out of the way!

Buddy Holly
Buddy could come back and show today's "hipsters" how those glasses should be worn.

I have loved Selena's music since I first heard of her in my Spanish class days in high school. Let's bring her back!

Notorious B.I.G.
He would have been my choice over Tupac...let's do this!

Randy Rhoads
After seeing him destroy the guitar with both Ozzy and Quiet Riot, there is nothing this guitarist can't do...even as a hologram.

Otis Redding
...Please? My heart would melt.

Hank Williams
This country man would remind us what heartache truly is...and how you can't find it on the radio today.

Ronnie Van Zant
Lynyrd Skynyrd could once again do what it did best: Rock!

Patsy Cline
Please come back and show today's country ladies what country music is made of!

Keith Moon
My favorite drummer of all time, Mr. Moon of The Who would be a must-see for this girl.
Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

Bon Scott
Uh, AC/DC (the original AC/DC) reunited. Need I say more?

Marvin Gaye
This smooth voice would be sure to draw crowds.

Joey Ramone
Bring back Joey and let's show 'em what punk rock is all about!

These are just some of the artists I'd like to see in concert as holograms. Do you like this idea, and who would you want to see?


Christina Marie said...

I heard Adam Lambert might tour with Queen. If that's true, he would be a great substitute for Freddie. :)


$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I would love to see Hendrix light his guitar on fire :).


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