Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer 2012: Our Summer of Superheroes

 First on the agenda: get sweet cups for refreshments during the movie fest. 
(And wear dorky glasses for the fun of it.)

This summer, my sister Lilly and I have created a sort of bucket list for ourselves. The theme? Superheroes. The objective? To watch as many superhero movies as possible. We started the project a few weeks ago when I convinced my sister to watch Captain America: The First Avenger after she enjoyed both the new Spider-Man and Avengers cartoons airing on television right now. Needless to say, she loved the Captain America movie and now has a favorite superhero. Since then, we've been collecting superhero DVDs and watching at least one a week. 

Our project became much more serious when I pulled out my Spider-Man art set and we started making a colorful list of movies that we have to watch. Since then, we have been talking to friends about what movies we need to see and adding to our list. We have liked super heroes for years but this is truly our first big plunge into the genre. This will surely be a summer to remember, and I will be updating our progress (as well as our deliberations) here on The Musings!

Do you like superhero movies? Who is your favorite hero? As you can see, my sister loves "Cap!" While I'm a lifetime card holder on Team Spidey.

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Jenny in Ohio said...

I am not a huge superhero movie person, but I do like Batman with Christian Bale a lot. And Ironman with Robert D. Jr! :)


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