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Last-Minute 4th of July ideas

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Well, the 4th of July is tomorrow, what are your plans? If you suddenly find yourself without something to do, I've created a list of ideas you can pull off in no time - almost no assembly required! If you have most or the entire day off, these are perfect for you!

Go for a mini road-trip
Pack a cooler with snacks, grab your music and a good friend and just hit the road! See where you end up by nightfall. While you're out roaming, find somewhere new to watch the fireworks! If you don't find fireworks, bring some sparklers for your own little impromptu show! If you can get away with it, set off some real fireworks!

Grill out
Doesn't take too much prep to throw some hot dogs on the grill - or a bonfire! Top it all off with some s'mores! Simple idea but a success every time.

Explore your local sites
Your town has some history - celebrate it! Take a mini-trip to see the local historical places, or see if any museums have exhibits that day.

Dress up and get goofy - have fun!
Find something red, white, and blue or wear something retro! Play with your make-up, wear that tacky costume jewelry, or paint your nails with a spangly design! Need inspiration? I found some nail ideas here.

Watch a movie that just screams AMERICA
Yahoo! has a good list of movies perfect for the 4th of July if it's just too humid to go outside during the day. As for me, I'd suggest something a little different. Top Gun or Captain America: The First Avenger, anyone?

Throw together a game
Get your group together for some softball or football. Just let loose and goof off! When you're done, mix it up and do something you haven't done since you were a kid: run through a sprinkler or throw together a Slip n Slide! Or just whip out those old squirt guns and water balloons.

Play the perfect music - no matter what you do!
Last year, I made my perfect 4th of July music playlist - a collection of great American classics from the rock and country genres. Make a playlist to be the soundtrack to your holiday. May I suggest a little Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp? Those songs are perfect for a day like today!

Make something red, white and blue!
Whether you want to make something crafty or something sweet to eat, there are plenty of fun ideas you can find on the web. My favorite place to find inspiration? Pinterest. Check out the links!

Watch the Hot Dog Eating Contest
That's right, Nathan's famous Hot Dog Eating Contest will be on ESPN once again this year. Nothing screams America quite like that!

Have a picnic
Go to a park, or even your backyard, and bring some lunch! Catch up on conversation and just relax under a shade tree.

See some fireworks - no matter what!
With such a dry spell this summer, some fireworks shows may not happen this year. Don't let that get you down! You can still catch some beautiful firework shows on television and online. You can see a show live from the nation's capital, Macy's fireworks bonanza, or the city of Boston's show.

Whatever you do, I hope you all have a fun and safe Independence Day!

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We did quite a few of these for our Fourth :). A pretty awesome day with my love.


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