Thursday, September 20, 2012

What's wrong with being a little boring?

My Journalism professor was ranting on and on today when something he uttered hit me like a brick. He was talking about the big news channels, and their competition to be the biggest, craziest and loudest news. It's all about entertainment these days, isn't it?

He said, "in this day and age, it's a sin to be boring."

I started thinking about it. What's wrong with being boring? I may not be that old, but I remember a time when less was more. It was before the constant updating: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest are reflections of all of our thoughts and interests. Sure, I love these activities, but before these outlets, we weren't constantly updating the world on what we were doing that day. Now, we have to constantly be doing something interesting. You have to be a fascinating person now that the magnifying glass is pressed up against your life. Do you feel the pressure?

The pressure is even trickling down to younger generations. The cool kids these days are screaming "YOLO!" (For you more seasoned adults, this stands for 'you only live once.') They wear it on their clothes, they tattoo it on their skin, and they text it back and forth as an excuse for something stupid they've done. It just makes me feel old. At 21 years old, I feel ancient compared to my generation and my 15 year old sister's generation.

Call me an old soul. Call me old fashioned. Call me a loser. Call me boring? I don't mind. But in all honesty whatever happened to simplicity? Sure, you can have fond memories of all those nights you don't remember and all those mean things you said to someone because after all, you only live once. But I think boring can be okay, especially in a world where it isn't the norm anymore. If you really listen to anything I say, listen to this advice:

Take a breath. Put down the low-cut shirts, the barely-there skirts, and don't get that YOLO tattoo. Don't buy the new song just because everyone else likes it. Open a book or write a letter. Boring used to be okay, and I think it still can be, if we are willing to try it. Maybe you'll find that "boring" isn't so boring after all.


Erica said...

Preach! I am an old soul myself. I knew that even at 12 years old!

Alyx said...

I loved this! It's really sad how the definitions of "boring" and "Interesting" are getting switched around. What is considered to be news today (especially in the world of fame and celebrity), realistically, is not really newsworthy at all. But in my personal opinion, it shouldn't be about whether or not someone is boring. It should be about who you are as a person and if either of those categories reflect that, if that makes sense. For instance, some people are considered interesting because of what they do or what they wear (and not in a good way). Some are considered boring because they don't automatically jump on the bandwagon and go along with this YOLO bullshit (and I'm beginning to down right hate that expression).

I don't think you're boring, by the way. Your blog is very heartfelt and real and I love reading it!


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