Monday, October 22, 2012

Everyone has a backbone. Use yours.

I discovered the Backbone Zone the other day when one of their posters showed up on my Tumblr feed. It was a little shocking because its message was so blunt, but it definitely left a mark on me.
According to the Backbone Zone website, "Everybody has a backbone. The Backbone Zone is a project to help students find theirs, and to give them tools to confront gender-bullying, sexual harassment, and sexist and homophobic language when they see and hear it."
 I think that this is a great way to send a message to young people: a message that says it's not okay to be hateful. Although we live in a world where this talk is tolerated, it should not be encouraged or ignored. I believe this talk should be stopped before it even starts.
What do you think of this message?


Alyx said...

I commend any cause or organization that champions standing up to any kind of mistreatment. As someone who had to "suck it up" when it came to being called retarded as a child, or has to deal with harassment from strangers walking around campus, it makes me both angry and sad that this kind of behavior is considered normal. Although it has taken me a long time to gather the courage to do it, I'm in full support of standing up for oneself as well as reaching out and helping others that struggle with doing so.

Location longue durée said...

Thanks for sharing !


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