Sunday, October 07, 2012

I saw the Chicago Sinfonietta!

Known as "The Nation's Most Diverse Orchestra," the Chicago Sinfonietta really knows how to put on a show. I was lucky enough to see them last week, and they truly impressed me. You may think an orchestra? Yawn. But this orchestra played upbeat and unique tunes that truly made you want to dance. You couldn't help but be invested in the show; the way they played, they demanded attention through their talent. Apparently Yo Yo Ma got his start with the sinfonietta, and he has surely become a household name since that time. These people really know how to move you.

The orchestra was also joined by Brooklyn based group PROJECT Trio, who played an original set that even included a hip hop tune. Who knew that three guys, armed with a bass, cello and flute could play hip hop?!

I'm always playing a variety of music but I'm surprised how many young people aren't open to live music - especially orchestra music. I think that there is something for everyone in this kind of performance. What do you think? Do you listen to orchestra music?

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Nate said...

Although I can't say I'm a lover of Orchestra, I have had an increased measure of respect and can tolerate them in single hour blocks since hearing Metallica's S&M concert with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

I imagine they must be way further off the epic scale in a live theatre though so consider me jealous of your awesome experience!


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