Monday, October 01, 2012


Yes, I'm alive. Exhausted, but alive. And so it goes. Whenever another scoop of responsibility is added to my plate, my blog suffers for a short period of time while I adjust to the change. But with school and work, it had to happen. But I'll be back on a regular schedule soon enough. (I promise.)

I'm back at school and loving it. Journalism is such a good fit for me. It simply makes me happy. I love the classes; I love what I'm learning. I'm still working as a proofreader at a job I love, and I'm now a city reporter for the campus newspaper. Life is good! When I'm not reporting, writing, doing homework, studying, in class, at work, or seeing my boyfriend, I'm sleeping. Sort of. But I'll get into the groove soon enough and be back with more. (You'll see!)

What have you been up to?

I'll leave you with a song since it happens to be a Music Monday... This is a song that always gets me through the crazy, the sad, the bad, and everything inbetween, from the man who has always been there for me through his music. Enjoy.


Ashton (King) Wright said...

I absolutely LOVE Jason Mraz!

And I'm so glad to hear you went back to journalism :) There truly are very few people who really love it, and it's refreshing to know someone (other than myself and the people I work(ed) with - haha) who has that same passion.

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