Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why "downgrading" my phone was the best idea

I did something strange the other day: I went out of my way to downgrade my cell phone. What?!
Most people choose to actually "upgrade" their phones when that time rolls around. People pick up the latest version of phones like it's going out of style.  Some people just feel the need to have the latest and the greatest. However, I went from an old trusty smart phone to a simple phone with fantastic features like texting and calling, and I'm feeling like the latest and greatest version of myself.

Gone are the days of constantly checking my Facebook: in between class, in awkward situations, or virtually anytime I'm away from my computer. Gone are the days of random updates to my Twitter or nervous web scrolling. I've downgraded to a simple phone with far less features and it's actually a good thing.

While I did use my email as a journalist, I'm finding that I didn't need all those apps and do-hickeys. They just consumed my time and energy. And when I was with people, I found myself playing around with my phone while I could have been paying attention. It's a bad habit, and it's one that I'm stopping now. I don't need to constantly be checking for notifications. I can live in my own little world until I'm able to get to a computer. It's kind of...refreshing.

On that note, I spent some time with a couple of close friends the other day. Unlike most of my friends, they did not mess around with their phones; they kept them put away. All of the focus was on each other and lively conversation; it was truly a rewarding experience. The only time my phone was pulled out was to take pictures, and it just felt much better than being distracted by something as silly and meaningless as a cell phone. I think this will be a very rewarding change for me. Plus, you can't complain about a cheaper phone bill!

Would you ever "downgrade" your phone after having a smart phone, or do you swear by your gadgets?


$|<@77€®|\/|1|\||)€|) said...

I have never had a smart phone, and although it was fun to mess around with yours, it will be very refreshing to have you "here" all the time :). Now we just have to rid HIM of that stupid Iphone, ha. Good post.

Sandhya said...

I have iPhone 4. I too keep checking for notifications very often. Maybe I can put away my phone when I'm doing something important but I cannot definitely downgrade my phone! :D

And, this is a thought provoking blog post I must say! :)

Wendy said...

Yes, for the very same reasons as you. I live with a self proclaimed IT god so new tech-y gadgets are a regular thing in our home. Being the starving artist type, I can take them or leave them.

Okay, maybe not the mac book - that stays, however I don't think I'd miss the phone.

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

I didn't even have texting on my phone until my old one broke and I had to get a new one. The new one is super lame except for the slide out keyboard and I said ... okay I'll text. I seriously get like 500 a month and only use about 200! So congrats on downgrading - smartphones are just a bunch of hype!!

Happy Friday!


Ashton (King) Wright said...

As much as I'd like to have just a normal phone, I need to be able to update stuff for work from my phone. However, whenever I'm with my husband or friends and family, my phone goes into my purse and stays there. Sometimes it doesn't even make it out of the car. I always remember that there is life outside of my phone (and work and computer for that matter). If I didn't put it all down and step away for awhile, I think I'd go crazy!

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