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"The Musings of a Wannabe Star" is the blog of small town Midwestern girl Jessi Haish,  currently a college student pursuing a degree in Journalism. "The Musings" was created in November 2009. I started the blog as a way to force myself to continually write, and ever since I have averaged approximately three posts a week on a wide variety of topics. The most popular? "Life, love, and music."

In May 2010, "The Musings" was chosen a Blog of Note by Within the week, one thousand new followers arrived, only days after "The Musings" had gone through a complete renovation. By that time, the blog was on its fourth name, and it felt like it was in the right place when it was awarded Blog of Note.

Since then, I've enjoyed writing posts about not only my life, but music and love. This blog is a creative outlet with no rules or regulations, and no specific guidelines. You could truly find anything on this blog. But the most popular posts have been my Open Letters and This Totally Awesome Boy.

My Open Letters branched off from diary entries I had written in the past. This has also been some of the most therapeutic writing I have done. Popular letters include pieces I have written for an Ex-Best Friend, my sister, and my Future Self.

This Totally Awesome Boy series was created after I met my first boyfriend. I began thinking of what it took for us to come together, and how we didn't have the most basic pre-dating rituals. The more time we spent together, and the longer we were together, the more I wanted to chronicle everything about us so that I could remember it as long as possible. After a few posts on "The Musings," it quickly became a long but rewarding series.

As for the future? I'm currently in college majoring in Journalism. I don't know where I'd like to go with that path, but one thing's for sure; I won't stop blogging and I never want to stop writing. It's my greatest passion in life, and I can't see myself without it.

Thanks for stopping by "The Musings of a Wannabe Star." Contact me with whatever is on your mind.

"I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live." 

Francoise Sagan (1935–2004) Novelist, Screenwriter


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